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Kiss of War

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Hidden code for Kiss of War mode in the cheat engine.

We’ve got a critical situation, Lieutenant. Our scouts have found a train loaded with explosives and tanks to the enemy. With sufficient strength, every ally camp in this area could be destroyed. You’ve got to destroy it and intercept it.

Sir, it’s a wheel fortification that I need to strengthen, at least a hundred weapons. She’s already here, special forces, talking about reinforcements. Don’t let your looks fool you, man. Yes, they’re lovely, but looks like they can kill you.

We have besieged the enemy elite soldiers, Commander. Commander. Destroy the supplies to catch them. Drag and launch an army attack on the enemy. Well, a major enemy supply line is being cut off. But we’re still at a critical juncture. Now, see the strategic map for everyone.

The invaders just captured the League of Nations government and immediately built strong defensive lines around each capital city. I’m going to help you with your daily tasks, goals and basic development.

li9i0u – brilliant star
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deonYa – luxury bag
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Cheats and hacks for Kiss of War

We’ve brought our troops back to the base. Now we must locate an exceptional regiment commander to lead them. We have arrived, the best place to find officers with great creative potential. We can try to work with elite recruiting method V0J2TU. When there are more officers on duty, there are more arrests. It is not only used to lead troops but can also aid them in combat

Finally, let’s build a tank factory large enough to supply the next engagement. Conventional tanks armories are kept on the front in a distinctive way. To manage the number of units in production, have them move to the bottom of the totem pole.

Enemy troops are approaching! We must speed up tank production in order to meet their rising numbers. We’ve learned a lot from having struggled against each other. We will make our officers better than ever. Hero training can be done here. They will come into their own after they have been trained. These items can be earned by destroying iron behemoths. Also, XP rewards are available in the employment office.

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Code number Cheat Hack title
1 q8xYVZ upgrade
2 xpRpdt stat point
3 tuCbBj coupon
4 MxBeT4 promo code
5 myliPv gift box
6 EUfFqj gold coins
7 h9p3MA month card
8 A0WQCH premium pack
9 FgutmC legendary gear
10 7z10Nk vip ticket
11 JEHikw gear pack

Gift passwords, hacks, and notes for Kiss of War.

Tip, Android secrets of gameplay: gameplay, important features:

Quests- the log I have prepared for you here is a mission. Check it out at all times if you are not sure of your next move. You can provide recommendations for developing your base through the main mission log.

Our army grows larger. We will have to upgrade the HQ to accommodate more forces and increase our efficiency. Modify your HQ to disable more features.

In the event you have a chance to challenge Pandora’s code DlaxNq to save Evelyn after defeating the invaders. Save her to pay you many rewards.

The German Army attacks defensive bases at the frontline of Hell. Play like Linda to stand up to them. Kill enemies during your time to gain points to exchange resources to develop our base. Three times a day, you can challenge this event. Higher-ranking players in the guild can receive additional rewards.

Kiss of War (wiki): Hack cheating tutorial:

APC cabinet and a steel mill can be constructed. The APC armory can generate APCs, offering much flexibility in fighting. The steel mill can produce steel, a resource needed to build your base.

The more talented our officers are to assign. Talent points will be given by high-ranking officers to strengthen your officers. After you defeated the invaders, you found the warrior chest. You can use this to obtain a number of rewards. OxMcMo resources. Resources.

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