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For a while, Smartphone Legends has been on the rise. Since the beginning to the present day, Smartphone Legends continue to thrill numerous kinds of people. Yes, in this game even students get hooked. In reality, because of its visuals and mobile-inspired characters, it’s very attractive to try. So what makes this game special apart from these?

Mobile Legends : Bang Bang is a Shanghai Moonton Technology mobile app. Mobile Legends has been one of the best online action arena (MOBA) mobile games in the Philippines since it was released in 2004. Thanks to its success, this game makes more people interested. According to Prioridata, in the Philippines alone, Smartphone Legends hit a record of 31,60 million downloads in 2017. Newzoo said that, with gross sales of $461 million in 2018 , the Philippines ranked 29th in worldwide gambling industry sales.

Moreover, Smartphone Legends: Bang Bang is the first e-sport to be played at Southeast Asian (SEA) games in 2019. Despite this great popularity, Mobile Legends is in reality one of the most famous 2019 titles.



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Heroes of the Mobile Legends and their Playing Positions

There are different positions in this game. You can pick if you will be the tanker, warrior, killer, wizard, scoreman and assist. In addition, these mobile legend heroes play every role. CIIT Philippines, the leading mobile game production university, therefore, offers a hero list of mobile legends that help you determine which hero you can use in your game.
List of the greatest heroes of the mobile legends

  • Box — Rock Box
  • Murderer — Fanny
  • — Lesley — Marksman
  • Fighter – Chou Fighter
  • Mage-Kagura Kagura
  • Diggie Help

If you don’t understand the difference between these mobile legend heroes, we have given a thorough explanation of and position and how they relate to the squad.

Mobile Legends Heroes Roles

Tank. Tank

Tank heroes are the longest lasting heroes in all mobile legends. These giants on the front line help attack opponents. They encourage colleagues to promote the attack using cartoonists or sniper heroes. Tanks also contribute to the defense of fragile heroes. You can not assess the abilities of the tank alone in its endurance. If correctly used, a tank may be the most powerful hero in smartphone legends.


The assassin heroes concentrate on the positioning of the war. They wisely prepare their assault and destroy their rivals tactically. The assassins chose their objectives and carefully target them. Since they have low hit points (HP), the expert players will use them preferably. Some fighters are less robust, making it easier for fighters to destroy if misused.


Looking for heroes who can conduct military attacks from afar? Ok, the heroes are great for you. This form of hero is better combined with fighters or tanks. A marker easily kills turrets as well. It is best to keep at the right distance during a game to defend this hero. Marksman heroes are less resilient, so destroying them is easy.


Marksman heroes battle with tanks from a distance. In the meantime, the warrior heroes battle closer to their opponent to guarantee that a big loss is left. Fighters can be used alone; however, it would be very beneficial to partner up with a markers.

Mage Mage

Mage means wizard in MOBA sports. They harm the enemies in the vicinity with spells. Given this, mage heroes in every team are very relevant. Its key strength is not its physical attack, but its impact on ability. In Smartphone Legends, most of the mage heroes are weak in endurance and be vigilant when you try to battle the enemies alone.

Support Support

Help heroes in war protect their comrades. Their key role is to support their co-workers. Help heroes support mobile legend heroes, including the markers heroes, who are less resilient and quick to defeat.

Get to know the best mobile legends in their position

Now that you know the positions of Smartphone Legends, it is high time to show you the best heroes you can use. This is an infographic of the best heroes of the Mobile Legends for your playing.

Whatever the hero we think is best per role, you are always entitled to choose which hero works best for you. If you want or not to discover a new mobile legend hero, it’s up to you alone. Have you got any ideas on the best smartphone hero? Tell us in the following comment line!

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