Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Cheats Leaf Tickets – How I got UNLIMITED Leaf Tickets? Cheat for Android + iOS

Leaf tickets are Animal Crossing ‘s luxury currency: the iOS and Android Pocket Camp are the gateway to a bunch of exclusive products and particularly to the purchasing of your favorite new fortune cookies. While it is a premium currency that costs money, there are many awesome ways to get free leaf tickets! We’ll detail…

Leaf tickets are Animal Crossing ‘s luxury currency: the iOS and Android Pocket Camp are the gateway to a bunch of exclusive products and particularly to the purchasing of your favorite new fortune cookies.

While it is a premium currency that costs money, there are many awesome ways to get free leaf tickets! We’ll detail the best five ways to get free leaf tickets at Pocket Camp, so read on.

1. Fulfill Every Stretch Target

You can first check your Stretch Goal screen while browsing for free tickets by clicking on the Isabelle icon in the top right of the Pocket Camp. If you’re new to the game, you have almost undoubtedly an incomplete list of goals.

For those who are more familiar with Pocket Camp are potentially going to complete any remaining stretch goals, so it is worth a look. Over the last year too, some new goals were included in separate patches, so it’s particularly worth looking if you haven’t played for a while.

2. Google Opinion Rewards Response Surveys

It’s a smart idea sometimes to think beyond the box, so why limit ourselves to approaches inside the Pocket Camp? There are various applications that can help you get free Apple iTunes gift cards or free credit from the Google Play Store which can be used to buy leaf tickets at Pocket Camp for free.

Our choice of these applications is Google Opinion Incentives, Google’s own incentives scheme to make sure it is completely genuine. You will either get a direct credit for Google Play Store on Android, or real money deposited into your PayPal account on iOS, by conducting very short surveys on your computer.

And in brief, much of the time we say less than 15 seconds! They pay a suitably low sum to each user, but since they are so short, you can answer them in your spare seconds without taking your attention.

The tiny sums will certainly go up anyway — check out this screenshot from my app that reveals that I have won only $68.52 CAD from the tiny Google Opinion Awards surveys. This is sufficient to buy 1,200 free Pocket Camp tickets!

Install the Apple iOS App Store Google Opinion Rewards app or google play store here.

Find your favorite furniture and plan a campsite that fits your style!

Tents, hammocks, fireplaces, a couch for stuffed toys … mix and match the content of your heart! Make a chic open-air café, or bring some instruments and microphones into an outdoor music festival! In the mood for a little of fun? Build a joystick and open a theme park. You should create a swimming pool or fill the skies with fireworks!

Build your campsite, caravan and cabin anyway you can.

· Collect themed items from all year long fishing tours and garden events

· More than 1,000 furniture pieces and 300 pieces of clothing and accessories can be picked, with more added regularly.

è contains over 100 creatures with odd personalities

3. Keep up with the case goals

If you wish to get as many free Leaf Tickets as possible, it is very important to keep track of all upcoming activities and complete the relevant event targets. Each big event in Pocket Camp has a number of goals and, among other awards, reward a number of leaf tickets.

The Fishing Tour, Gyroid Scavenger Hunt, Gardening Event and the Seasonal Monthly event are the main activities. And between the main activities, a filler mini-event is usually attended with goals such as Summer Sea Star Goals or Bells.

Naturally, it can be very detrimental because these activities often allow you to use your Leaf Tickets. The trick here is to take as much of each event as possible and then pick carefully which events you want to spend on.

4. Level Up, don’t forget about treats for your campers!

One of the most consistent ways to get free Pocket Camp tickets is to die — just manage to level up! You will earn a 10 Leaf Tickets bonus gratis each time you level your character. Ever! forever! There is no cap or cap on your player level or free scaling Leaf Tickets.

In order to sustain a leveling level as much as easily as possible, you would want to ensure that you complete every request from your campers in every loop. Each three hours at Pocket Camp, the village campers at the in-game map can travel about with a different series of assignments to perform that can be used to level up.

Make sure to use your snack products for even quicker leveling speed boost! You can load up your snacks to a camper, without having to complete tasks — it’s kind of like a free hack. You might have also a bunch of leftover treats you didn’t know about.

To find your snacks and see what you have, select the things menu to your right and select the cupcake / muffin icon at the end of the page. And just speak to a camper and pick the option ‘Have a snack’ to actually use them!

Now you can bundle your snacks together with one of the latest updates to Pocket Camp when you give them to a villager, so you don’t have to give less worthwhile snacks one on one occasion! If you haven’t bothered snacks before because of this irritation, certainly try again now. It is so much better! So much better!

5. Complete Cheerful Homeroom Classes

If you haven’t played the Pocket Camp Happy Homeroom feature, you miss useful free leaf tickets! This portion of the game is a little secret and can be reached from the top left side of the map using the rose house button.

You will win up to three medals for the class each time you complete a Happy Homeroom class, based on your results. Your Happy Homeroom Rating will then grow if you get enough awards. While it takes longer to enter the later ranks, the earlier ranks are very easy to smash through.

Most notably, the new Happy Homeroom Rank will open up new awards at each level, often including free leaf tickets. See the following map to see which ranks can award leaf tickets free of charge:

Rank Medals Award Required

1 HH Medal 10 Leaf Tickets HH Initiate
10 leaf tickets HH Star 2 HH Medals
Rank 1 6 HH Medals 10 Leaf Tickets.
Pleasant Level 3 9 HH Medals 10 Leaf Tickets
Rank 5 17 HH Medals 10 Leaf Tickets for amateurs
Pleasant Rank 7 HH Medals 10 Leaf Tickets
Rank 9 amateur 55 HH Medals 10 leaf tickets
1 90 HH Medals 10 Leaf Tickets per rank
10 leaf tickets per rank 3 100 HH Medals
10 leaf tickets per rank 6 132 HH medals

See our Happy Homeroom Guide for All Grades, recommended Flawless Things for a list of what you need to do for any lesson! This guide will allow you to start creating things needed for a class before you even unlock it. Or if you need to unlock a new object, before you get to class you will have a head-up on how to unlock it.

6. Get the Bonus Free 50 My Nintendo Leaf Tickets

Many veteran Pocket Camp ‘s players will actually already have these, so be sure to get your free pack of 50 My Nintendo Leaf Tickets if you haven’t done so yet. My Nintendo is Nintendo’s official loyalty scheme, and you can get 50 Nintendo Tickets free by adding your Nintendo Account to Pocket Camp.

Although you can only get the Leaf Tickets once, there are other recurrent incentives for free craftsmanship that can be replicated as much as you like. For more stuff, check here from My Nintendo every week, our guide to free crafting materials and bells!

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