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Art of Conquest codes are a fast and cheap way to earn rewards. To support you with these codes, we are providing the full list of working codes. Moreover, I will provide you with the code list and guidance as well. Shall we begin?


Art of Conquest Codes

Here are the full codes.


Only what are Art of Conquest Codes?

These codes are promos issued by the game developers. Codes like this make you enjoy your gaming adventure more. One gets the soulfire, diamond and gem incentives when one redeems the codes.

By paying with these deals you will get various incentives. It is easier to update your character as you advance in the game. By making use of this strategy you can last longer in the game and can score higher to ascend the leader board.

How to redeem Gambling Art of Conquest codes?

You are going to need redeeming codes to collect your prizes. However, you need to know how to redeem these incentives. It is unclear how the game developers would treat the codes issued by players. Follow the steps below to redeem codes in Art of Conquest.

First of all, you have to play the game. Now go to main menu to enter character profile menu.
The art of Conquest Codes.

Step 2: Enter the code to claim your reward.

Please notice that certain instances of code examples are case sensitive. When entering the codes, make sure to do so exactly as is illustrated. If you do not do so, you will miss out.

Art of Conquest: Dark Horizon

Art of Conquest (a color strategy with twists of rpg) The player can learn about the fascinating past of the warring states in the vast continent on a large screen. The best part of the game is that you can play and gamble in real time and not in the record. By positioning units in strategic positions before the beginning of the war, the player may sway the outcome of the battle. The game has many resources, interesting tasks, and thoughtful chat area which helps the gamers to communicate and plan tactics.

Upon registration, the player will be equipped with 3 of these characters.

Rufio is a capable fighter who can battle the entire army alone. He was obviously very good in hand-to-hand fighting. Many of the skills are used to try to win. With one arrow, he annihilates half of the enemy. The downside of the strategy is that it would only allow him to join combat with 1 squad without help and not allowing him to heal his wounds. This vehicle can effectively reach the battlefield because of its strength. This is a starter character who excels at quick fighting. In the future, I want to turn it into a strategy game.

Avalon had proven himself as a great hero tactician. The only player character who is able to enter combat with three soldiers. At first sight, this character is a ranged warrior with great attack. Supports the army strongly. If a player likes to enjoy tactical fights, this is his game style. Technological developments would not lose its importance at high levels. Having full leveling skills helps stop enemies from being stronger than him. You are taking away your son’s and brother’s chance to be in the same army as him.

Avril, full of verbal ability, shows well in team battle. Don’t be lazy. There are magical spells that disable enemies early in the game. Nice controller.

If the player choses Avril, then in a half-hour the big guy Rufio will join him, but he will not receive Avalon. If you choose Avalon, then there will not be Rufio in the detachment, but Avril will appear. The player can obtain Avalon, but still will have no Avril. You should consider the ways of attack at the beginning. You don’t have to think much about characters and you do not need to pick a hero to use.


So, you can use the codes to redeem your rewards. These codes databases include the list of both current and expired codes.

Codes are released for every season of the game. We have added the code list after they are available. If you need codes for some other game, please feel free to comment.

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