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Brawlhalla Apk Mobile Mod is a platform fighting game, if you have ever played it, it will be very similar to Smash Bros. Not only that, it is also free to use, and has appeared on almost all platforms you may wish to use. Therefore, you may want to know how to play Brawlhalla. Therefore,…

Brawlhalla Apk Mobile Mod Download

Brawlhalla Apk Mobile Mod is a platform fighting game, if you have ever played it, it will be very similar to Smash Bros. Not only that, it is also free to use, and has appeared on almost all platforms you may wish to use. Therefore, you may want to know how to play Brawlhalla. Therefore, we have compiled this Brawlhalla guide so that you can find your way out in this excellent fighting game.

How to play Brawlhalla

Brawlhalla is a fighting game, which means you need to defeat your opponents and try to be the last. However, instead of a traditional fighting game like Street Fighter, it is better to knock it down to win. You choose your role, and then spend the game trying to stay on the stage while trying to kick others off.

It’s very easy, and the controls work on both the keyboard and the controller, so don’t worry about choosing one, just choose the option you like. There may also be some different projects during the competition, but you will learn as you walk.

How to get better in Brawlhalla

Getting better at Brawlhalla is related to practice. Sorry, there is no shortcut to success, although you need to keep in mind some precautions when playing the game. The best advice is to try to stick to one character. You will want them to try everything at first, but once you find someone you like, don’t play with other people. This will allow you to specifically practice their actions, thereby helping you to exercise better.

Try to make your combos as varied as possible. If you always do the same thing, you will become predictable and prone to punishment. In addition, practicing border defense and learning to knock down opponents while in the air really helps, so practice air games as well.

How to play Brawlhalla cross-platform game

Brawlhalla is one of the rare games that allows cross-platform play. If you play games on PC, Xbox One or Switch, you can play games with friends on other platforms. If you are using a PS4, then you may be annoyed by Sony. To do this, set up a custom online game and share the room with your friends, who can join you from there. It is also automatic to a certain extent, and players will automatically match up when they queue online.

How to add friends on Brawlhalla

Brawlhalla can be linked to your Steam account, and you can add friends from there, which is easy. If you meet someone you want to add in the game, you can do so by choosing their name after the game and sending them an invitation.

How to unlock characters in Brawlhalla

To unlock the character in Brawlhalla, it can be done by earning coins in the game and purchasing through the store. You can earn coins by completing challenges, and even just log in every day to earn coins. If you want to have all the characters now, you can actually buy the All Legends Pack from the Steam store. This will unlock all characters from now on and all characters released from now on.

Add 7 robots on the medium

Simple robots often do not blend well with Dodgebomb. Zombie robots will make it more difficult than originally necessary. The purpose of the robot is because the robot has a certain programming tendency. They all enter a common area, so it is easy to get Multi KO. They often use their fists, so they often have their fists empty. They are not good at aiming, they will run into your bombs, and usually throw them with them. The actual player is unpredictable, but since it is a custom game, you can get Gold and XP from the battle robot.

There are several reasons why the “Dodge Bomb” must be used in all these special settings. First of all, the main way to get gold medals and XP is to kill. If everyone has a lot of lives, and there is a period of time to kill people, then you will suffer a lot of killings. If it exceeds 50%, you will have almost no chance to play.

You will die in a second. Secondly, robots are obviously easier to kill and understand than humans. For humans, it is like a lottery. You will never know what you will get, and it is difficult to get good things. Finally, partly related to the first factor, Multi K.O is the main factor. Not only does it bring you countless kills, but when you start to get double, triple, quadruple, and multiple K.O, it will give you a “title”. Such as violent, rampant, unstoppable, legendary and godlike, these can also help you earn XP.

Useful tip: don’t worry. When you do this, you usually die or accidents occur, thereby reducing your total gold coins and experience points gained. Stay on the platform with the fewest robots, throw away and hit them when they start to gather, and use the calculated lens.

Brawlhalla weapons-what are they and what do they do?

Brawlhalla’s characters are very colorful, and in other games, you only need to choose a character for your unique actions, Brawlhalla is different. Each character has two different Brawlhalla weapons, so knowing which weapon is right for you is a necessary part of choosing a character. To help you make your choice, here is a detailed breakdown of Brawlhalla weapons, Brawlhalla weapon showdowns, and everything you need to know what is the best Brawlhalla weapon.

Brawlhalla weapon

Every game played in Brawlhalla will not start with any weapons. In order to truly obtain your deadly tool, you need to pick up a fire sword. This will give you one of two weapons that the character can use. From then on, the pickup of each weapon will be the other of the two weapons, so you can change weapons like this. If you get enough damage, the weapon will be discarded, but you can also throw it if you want.

The axe is a slow but extremely destructive weapon. Very suitable for knocking back opponents and causing a lot of damage. Shock wave The shock wave is a dual handgun that can fire ammunition and explode immediately. They can effectively perform quick attacks and also have some skills. bow An acrobatic weapon that shoots short-range arrows. It has a good combination of knockback attacks and general damage.

Cannon A slow but incredibly heavy weapon. Allows for better air movement than you expect. handguard A very fast, very close weapon. It is suitable for players who like quick combos and mixing. Grab hammer Good for brute force attacks, but can also be used to throw enemies.

Orb A peculiar magic weapon with fast attacks and peculiar movements. About one of the rare weapons that the character can use. Qatari The dual-blade server with fast attack capability is short-range. Very suitable for long-term combos and emergency attacks. Rocket Gun A strange half-rocket, half-gun weapon that uses engines to power attacks. Very suitable for horizontal attacks.

Sickle A long weapon with a nasty blade at the end. It allows active input of many attacks, so it is very suitable for combos. spear A fairly balanced weapon with good range and speed. However, the scope of some attacks is very clear, so it is worth fully understanding these attacks. sword The happy medium of Brawlhalla weapons. Very suitable for opening opponents and causing damage in multiple blows. Brawlhalla weapon showdown If one weapon is particularly good at another weapon, then it has a good duel. Generally speaking:

The sickle works well against the Qataris and swordsmen, but can be defeated by the spearmen Cannon did an excellent job against Bow and Blasters and could only fight with axes. The bow works well against sickles and shock waves, and can fight close range weapons and cannons. The hammer can fight most weapons, but it can fight shock waves Lance played well against the Katars, but couldn’t do anything about the attack from the upper echelons Shockwave is great against Hammer and Cannon, but really struggling against Katars and Gauntlets

The axe is very slow, but if you learn well, it can be used with all weapons Gauntlets work well against spears and shock waves, but struggle against hammers and axes. The sword defeated the shock wave, but did not perform well against the spear Spears are good at close range weapons, but struggle with shock waves The Qatari defeated many long-range weapons, but only when you can get close, it will fight with sickles and spears.


  • Use your nails to stab your opponent as much as possible.
  • Practice sprinting and jumping double hair / reverse double hair.
  • Minor Nair is your main combination.
  • Sair is your best choice for murder.
  • Search for gimp, because Dair and Gp on the axe are very good.
  • Don’t overstretch. Border guard w Nlight grabbed the platform and jumped off.
  • Slight recovery.


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