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deadly virus spanned the entire globe

The terrible effects of the deadly virus have spread across the globe.

As the night fell, the world turned into a living nightmare, full of people struggling to survive. If you’ve actually found plenty to eat and a place to rest, you’ve found yourself lonely, hungry, low on ammonia and feeling the cold of the night. You can hear the hissing sound of the Sick, and you know there’s an outbreak of the virus; another night of fear and terror. “How long will you continue to exist?”

LifeAfter is a video game that takes place in an apocalyptic world.

apocalyptic world


-Be quiet and be very heavy.
You find yourself living in a foreign country after a widespread outbreak of the virus. Survivors are constantly at risk of multiple diseases, famines, colds, viruses, hidden organizations. You’re going to have to be alert and settle for nothing less than success.

Keep going without regrets.
Explore the post-apocalyptic world to seek and find resources to survive and escape. You’re going to have to make guns and tools and know how to protect yourself.

-Interacting with the survivors.
During your scavenging runs, you could come across other characters. You’d be extra careful as they might target you for looting. If they’re attractive, you may end up sharing some of your stuff and stories with them.

-Establish the last refuge of the earth
If you can find a nice, trustworthy friend, one stone at a time, you can build your sanctuary. In the end, at night, humans will protect themselves against a long, cold night of loving embraces.

1. Benefaction, guy.

All you need to do is go to your campsite and turn on one of the TV sets, click the shopping channel, and then click Trade City. If you’re not in the trademark, visit your company.

You will trade with other teams in the marketplace. What you want to do is find and compare a few things and settle on their selling prices.

You’re expected to start farming it before you have a decent shop. In the video, this is an item that can be harvested from a farm, but it can be created by anyone.

If you’re going to plant, it depends on the profession you chose. If you’re working as a logger, you’re sure you want to farm trees.

You can check your mailbox at the manor if you’re done planting. Right now, it’s waiting for you.

At this point, you’re continuing to sell the goods again, this time via gold bars on the black market. Compare the last purchase price to your listing price to get the best value out of getting your gold.

If your price is set too high, it will take a long time to sell your products or services. When you have sold your items, you will receive a prize in your mailbox.

2. It’s not remarkable.

There’s going to be a special event every hour somewhere in the world. This video is about a Logger case where you have to chop down as many trees as you can.

You need to make sure you’re well-prepared to address the audience. Ensure that you have plenty of food and equipment with you until the sprint starts.

When you finish the event, you’ll earn gold bars depending on how good you’re doing. If you’re very good at any of the tasks and you’re committed, you can get top scores.

3. Daily actions, please.

It sounds simple, but a lot of people forget about their daily activities. You can take advantage of playing standard missions in different zones as soon as you unlock them.

In one day, every single zone will give you gold. You can choose five areas to get gold from regular missions.

There are routine events related to mission work. From hunting animals to gathering minerals and cloth.

If you’ve completed your last quest, you’ll earn 500 gold bars.

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