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Death TRIGGER 2 – Follow-up to the most famous action about the first person living death, with wonderful visual effects. The original component of the game received multiple prizes and were downloaded from the Google Play Market by over 24 million people. Join the resistance ranks and try a strong arsenal of weapons. In the…


Death TRIGGER 2 – Follow-up to the most famous action about the first person living death, with wonderful visual effects. The original component of the game received multiple prizes and were downloaded from the Google Play Market by over 24 million people.

Join the resistance ranks and try a strong arsenal of weapons. In the second segment of “DEAD TRIGGER” there were three control variations: a simulated joystick, a sensor control and gamepad consoles. It can be remembered that the first game’s visual effects were strong, but the long-awaited sequel smashed all records.

Dead Trigger 2 Summary

In recent years, zombies have been popularized by the mainstream. Their entrance into stardom can be aided by famous TV shows , movies and today’s sports. Yet there is barely any discussion about what’s the best when it comes to zombie survival games for smartphones.



Dead Trigger 2 is the second installment of the Madfinger Games series. The first game in the series was a hit in Google Play alone with over 10 million downloads. Now, a sequel has been made, and not to be overlooked either! Enthusiastic to be the greatest hunter of zombies?
Before the Revelation

This wasn’t necessarily the way the world was. A major pandemic occurred in 2012. It converted billions into zombies and tried to expand it further. Medical facilities and workers had little chance at all to battle this enigmatic disease which makes people undead.

After a few years, the outbreak progresses even faster and more powerful forms of zombies now exist. A few survivors have various roles: an inventor, a smuggler, a scientist from Gunsmith, pharmacy and the protagonist of the video. You and your team create a safe house together and fly to 33 other countries to try and eradicate zombies. There are an infinite range of adrenaline pumping scenes to play with over 600 scenes. Seeking healing to bring civilization back to its rightful glory. Do you think you’ve got what it takes?

Best Survival Zombie Game

The gameplay Dead Trigger 2 blends many other genres cohesively into a single seamless game. There are tasks, survival, FPS, horror and zombies. And you can go here freely, unlike other zombie games, to battle zombies. This allows you greater freedom and the ability to fire down armies of incoming zombies.

And like common zombie games like Left 4 Dead, the Dead Trigger 2 has a number of zombies that you are going to battle. These boss zombies are incredibly powerful ones that can not be defeated just occasionally. These zombies include Rampager, Kamikaze and the Scientist of Radioactivity.

Beat these zombies with powerful weapons and bombs. Try to beat these strong freaks together.

Dead Cause 2 features

Zombie games came far from the easy ones that we see in the day. The zombies today are much more believable and gameplay is just as smooth as silk, offering a great feeling of survival. But what distinguishes this work of art from other zombie survival games? Let ‘s find out! Let ‘s find out!

Travel to 33 countries — The goal is to eradicate zombies in all countries in Dead Trigger 2. You will fly to 33 countries in this game every time to give you a new battle experience. In the 10 regions you visit, there are various types of zombies and a lot of fun!

A massive arsenal of guns – guns are an important aspect of this zombie survival game. They are the key weapons for killing zombies. Choose your preference weapon from 37 different styles. All has various advantages and drawbacks. Use them wisely in the game!

Tournaments – Dead Trigger 2 also has a weekly tournament. Enter players from all over the world and battle in an Arena where custom gladiator rules apply every week. Do you think you have the right thing to do?

Intuitive controls – Mobile FPS games are generally difficult to play. However, in recent years, developers of games are still trying to enhance the gameplay of FPS. Dead Trigger 2 is no exception, given the smooth and reactive touch controls of the game. For console players, you should even use a virtual joystick.

World Tale – If you want to engage in a world story mode with other survivors, you can! The story is influenced by every single player in the Global Resistance. There are numerous missions and side hunts to join in.

Nice Visuals – The beautiful graphics are one of the distinguishing aspects of Dead Trigger 2. Other zombie shooter survival games are pale as opposed to what Dead Trigger 2 has. The graphics differentiate this from others, and the space needed for the game illustrates this clearly.

Playing Dead Trigger Tips 2

Zombies may sound like a straightforward job to destroy, but it isn’t. There are several strong zombies in this game which will certainly destroy you if you’re not armed. We therefore give you these valuable tips in the spirit of giving:

Headshots objective – it’s not always easy to target head shots with running zombies in particular. However, it is still a smart thing to do that, since they are offering you more gold coins. In comparison, if you shot them in the head, the zombies will be killed automatically.

Bring painkillers – Higher levels are highly daunting for beginner players. This is so certain painkillers are recommended to be brought in after recovering a portion of your wellbeing. And before your health sinks you will take them to raise your HP.

Look out for the Flickering Red Skull — A red skull symbol will appear occasionally. When you do, get away from the spot right away. That’s how it shows a zombie is going to attack you. First of all, you have to accumulate money and calm, and the easiest way is to get away from crowds of zombies for a bit.

Gas barrels are your mates – they can be incredibly irritating when you battle mini bosses. So try shooting as you find red gas barrels if the boss zombie steps near it to hurt them. It can act like a change grenade that is a little heavier.

Dead Trigger 2 Mod APK – Infinite ammunition, fantastic reward for money

Want to kill zombies without caring about ammos and weapons? Download now the infinite ammunition mod and launch battlefield dominating!

The gameplay has since gotten much simpler, and weapons are now reloaded, various obstacles are shot and built entirely automatically. All the gamers in this situation need-to approach the enemy at the right distance. The modifications have influenced a small radar that had to be replaced and the movements of the bloodthirsty zombies that attack you will see markers in the center of the screen which changed colour, as the insatiable dead-walk approaches.

The plot has changed, is thoroughly thought out and makes sense of the game. We may assume that this video game has been decent, perhaps really good quality. Developers incorporated a special Weihnachts arm and performance enhancement.

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