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DISNEY Fairy KINGDOMS-Android game released from Gameloft on March 17 , 2018. Genre of Game: Simulation. In this article we summarized TOP players pumping tricks, developers’ questions about “answers to gamers,” links to official websites’ beginner and our secrets about the game. Please note that the post is updated occasionally, look at Wise Geek more…


DISNEY Fairy KINGDOMS-Android game released from Gameloft on March 17 , 2018. Genre of Game: Simulation. In this article we summarized TOP players pumping tricks, developers’ questions about “answers to gamers,” links to official websites’ beginner and our secrets about the game. Please note that the post is updated occasionally, look at Wise Geek more often.

How will characters be welcomed and their level improved? Collect all you need to welcome a hero from the Book of heroes, or to boost his standard (tokens, magic or diamonds).

After going to the supermarket, I can’t find the house! Where is it? Where is it? See the required tab in the Shop for attractions, decorations and other items you have transferred to Storage.

How will I acquire magic? You will magically complete tasks, collect profits, level up and even more! It is also accessible as a regular entry fee. Magic can be bought by clicking on the + icon at the top of the screen in the shop.



What is gladness? The level of satisfaction reflects how happy the Kingdom ‘s people are. Various happiness levels free up doors to new functionality and incentives. The healthier the kingdom, the greater the benefits! Get happier by meeting the needs of the kingdom ‘s people. Over time, pleasure is gone, so come back sometimes to satisfy more wishes!

May I move an object mounted already? To pass an object, click on it and keep it up for a while.

Why can Mickey only fulfill the desire of one guest at a time? The guests’ wishes for one character can be somewhat different. For example, if you choose Mickey’s “Find friends” mission, only guests who want to find friends can come to Mickey.

Create your dream Disney Park, full of beloved Disney , Pixar and STAR WARSTM characters, exciting attractions, and special events! Join more than 90 million players worldwide to create their own magical spot on a cell phone.


AUFFOM The Beauty and the Beast of The Little Siren, Moana, The Lion King, the Toy Story, and more!
.. after 90 years of Disney magic, die Characters!
Towards Fun in more than 1500 whimsical quests!

Created Your Triple Park

Create your park with 170 + attractions at Disney Park such as Space Mountain and Haunted Mansion and “This is a little world!”
ยก Coin decorate and customize your way to the park!
* Rejoice with famous floats and fireworks parade!

โš” ๏ธ

Stop the park from the wicked curse of Maleficent!
Fight against Ursula, Gaston, Scar, Jafar, etc. Fight against Ursula!


New characters, attractions and other contents constantly added!
โ€ข Special events Monthly and weekly with limited time rewards!

โœˆ ๏ธ
Play Anyway, Whenever! Play Anyway!

โ€ข You can take your park on the go with you in offline mode!
Bring with you the magic home!

Why is the happiness level not 100% satisfied? The amount of satisfaction is decreasing rapidly; a total of 160 can be reached. Happiness. Happiness. Just in exceptional situations are you 100 percent willing to fill the level, but this percentage would decline easily, since you need to keep visitors comfortable.

What sort of chests do my Kingdom have? There are pleased boxes. They are well hidden, but they have plenty of prizes, so try to find them all!

How to have the Chests Enchanted? Enchanted thorns emerge in the Kingdom-check all corners. One thorn a day arrives by train, don’t forget! You will have the ability to have such a chest after the mission is over. Click on the chest icon in the upper left corner of the screen to see how many Enchanted Chests are concealed inside your Empire.

Where to find the Mickey blue cloth tokens? You will find blue clothes tokens on a chest whether you haven’t got a Mickey Pirate outfit or you haven’t welcomed characters from past promotions. But if your dress is Mickey Pirate, put it on Mickey and you can see the quests with blue fabric tokens.

Why is it important to get a magic cauldron? You can transform kiosks and decorations into potions. In the Merlin Shop you can purchase special things for potions.

What about things in the Fairy Cauldron? They vanish permanently, so be responsible for picking the things you choose to replace.

How to get to the store in Merlin? Go from the Shop menu to Merlin ‘s Store or Fairy Cauldron.

Why do I get several prizes for my chest? Chests get larger and stronger and stronger. You will earn many awards every time.

How will I get potions? Upgrade Merlin to Level 2 and open the Merlin Spell list to get potions and pick Magic Cauldron. Drag the requisite things into the cauldron on the right side of the list and cook the potion.

Where can I get more Enchanted Chest Rewards information? Tap on the Rewards button at the top left corner of the Treasure Bank. Each chest will include a list of all potential incentives. You can see a message with specifics by clicking on every award.

What is the easiest way to learn how to get a particular token? If you can’t work out how to get a particular token, use the Book of Heroes Token Finder. Select a character to do this and click on one of its tokens in the list below. A list of token origins is shown in the token Finder.

What type of sources is shown by the Token Finder? The token will displays all outlets, including those currently inaccessible or barred, that can reset the chosen token. In addition, the conditions that must be fulfilled in order to reach and open those outlets would also be shown.

What is the Find Chest of Merlin? This is a spell using a potion in the Kingdom to locate a chest. To use the spell, Merlin must be at level 2.

How to get the raceway Zootropolis? Zveropolis race track can be bought from the Platinum chest as it leaves it or acquired as part of the Blitz Collection if it is available as a promotion.

Why can’t I connect from the game to the social network? Please note that information must be entered in the age confirmation window. To shield children under 13 years of age from inappropriate media experiences, their real name and other personal details have been omitted from the game in order to enter social networks and other features. There are also limitations on discount deals.

A temporary promotion I skipped. Do I have an opportunity to access this content? While the roles of temporary promotion are special, the Legendary Chests will feature characters and attractions! Legendary chests always emerge, don’t skip them!

How do I win diamonds? For leveling up, regular entry and much more, diamonds can be acquired! You can also order them from the Shop by pressing the + icon at the top of the page.

Why use the Home Visit feature? The Visit Home functionality helps you to take personalities home. These characters, when not at home, instantly create prizes that can be obtained when ready in front of the Castle. You will see the time needed for prizes in the “Visit the Home” screen at the Castle. Characters can be returned to the Kingdom at any time.

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