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Farm Pass Road

Farm Pass Road

If Farm Pass is ready, you can witness the cute little Baby Chick family fleeing their little dwelling.

You’ll need to tap the chicks to open the Farm Pass menu.

If you’re on the Farm Pass menu, you’ll be able to see these three tabs, Targets, Pass Route, and Perks.
If you want Free Pass, you can add two regions or change your farm’s regions, and when you use the Farm Pass, you can edit the entire library.



The chart shows your progress at each incentive level of the new Farm Pass program, and you can see if you’re growing it.

There are several advantages of providing free roads, rather than making our road users pay for it, as we used to do.

It’s easy to see why everyone should have access to the Free Lane.
After all, that’s where you get the bottom of the Farm Pass.

You can collect prizes such as one of the Bonuses, Coins, Expansion Materials or Tokens.

Farm Pass Road

If you buy the Carrot Farm Pass, you will also get your boy, but you will need to use carrots to access the hat section, which contains a multitude of perks.

Perks are items that include entertainment, opportunities, rights, or services.

Add-on functions can improve your game experience.

There are actually 10 forms of Bonuses, and they last for the entire season of the Farm Pass until you collect them!

For specific in-game rewards, you can win Farm Pass rewards.

When it’s needed, it’s delivered to the chicks’ house next to Derby.

Farm Pass is unlocked after you get a game level.

It’s going to offer long enough time to try new things

Until the Farm Pass expires.

Complete Farm Pass

You have to pay $4.99 to have access to everything on our farm.
The whole world is available to subscribers as a Full Farm Pass (Free in farm pass trial season).

In this system, when a player gets a certain number of points, they have access to high-class rewards on the farm roadway.

Employees may have goods in their work environment if they participate in promotional activities throughout the season.
The perk system gives employees something at the beginning of the season, only for a fixed period of time, and nothing more than that.

Your purchase of a farm pass is not consistent across seasons, so they have the ability to choose which season’s rewards to be based on.

Purchasing the Full Farm Pass will get you the most out of your money.

There are two kinds of mistakes: to prove something wrong and to prove something right.
Proving something wrong might embarrass you, but it doesn’t matter.
Proving something right will have a tremendous impact on your self-confidence, or validate, and if that is already true.

Pass points are awarded to players when they achieve the goals they’re given.
There are two kinds of targets.

Daily achievements are small tasks that award three reward points each day.

Every day at 08:00, new tasks are scheduled for completion and old ones are removed, so you need to play every day to receive more rewards.

Lies are stories with facts behind them that portray people, events, and concepts that stimulate an emotional response rather than a logical response.

The total cultural transformation of the United States from the 1960s to the 1990s by a large truck order

Increase the capacity by 50% in the specified plant of the specified crop

Provide 10 individuals with a variety of foods

Season targets are more difficult tasks that last until the end of the Farm Pass and award 50 points each in season 1-3.
Since the fourth season, the tasks released on the first day have earned 60 points, those on the eighth day are worth 85 points, and those released after that are also worth 100 points.

All three tasks are assigned to the worker every seven days at 12:30 Greenwich Mean Time.

Lies are stories with facts behind them that portray people, events, and concepts that stimulate an emotional response rather than a logical response.

Collect 30 different fruits from any source.

Use the fishing net to obtain 9 filets of fish.

Fill 30 wood shipping crates


Players receive perks by completing objectives and receiving Pass Points. There are currently ten different types of benefits available. When players win points, one benefit is available to all, while the other nine can only be unlocked by the holders of the Full Farm Pass. Both perks expire at the end of the farm pass season, so players can either repurchase the whole farm pass the following season or enjoy only one unlocked perk.

Additional time of production

You’ll get two additional production slots for a production house! Choose from three different production systems! Below are the options that are available to players.
Bakery, ice cream parlor, or milk-a it’s candy factory, a cake oven, or a popcorn maker, there’s something for everyone.

Derby task is to be reactivated

Once per derby, you can reactivate the expired mission. Don’t deduct a mission from your overall rating!

Assistance for extra trucks

You can ask for assistance every day with an additional truck order.

Additional assistance to the ships

You will ask for assistance on one additional boat crate per day.

Visitor support in the region

Every day, you’ll ask for assistance with an additional City Visitor Order.

Further requests from the Community

At the same time, place two requests for the same neighborhood.

Free Valley Fuel Spins

You’ll get an extra free Valley Fuel Spin every day.

Free Spins on the Fortune Wheel

Get a free spin on the Wheel of Fortune every day until the end of the season! Free spins awarded by the jackpot do not count against free spins of the farm pass.

Diamonds as a present

In the neighborhood chat, gift boxes are sent out. When a neighbor taps a gift box in a conversation, they get 5 diamonds. When five neighbors have collected their gifts, the gift box will vanish, but if less than five players have collected their gifts, it will stay at the top of the chat rather than disappear after a large number of messages.

Extra booster slot

Have two boost slots open before the Pass season is over!

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