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Meet the legendary 3D handheld tank shooter for free play! Become one of the 100 million players worldwide culture. Enter the new 2020 shooting game and fight 7×7, scan and update blindfold, use different techniques from brutal assault to stealthy survival and win. On your own or with your mates. Choose a tank and become a hero!

Premium tanks are among the most exciting elements of the world of tanks, but for some inexperienced players it’s a pricey expenditure that they couldn’t appreciate. Fortunately, a player can get a Premium tank free of charge as long as they are able to do some job.

Below, we mentioned some ways you can receive a premium tank without using gold in World of Tanks. Prime tanks are valuable, so you should always take the opportunity to enlarge your selection, particularly if you can do so without wasting hard paying money. Premium tanks are important.




A TankRewards case is an ideal way to get your hands free of charge on a luxury tank.
Taking part in the TankRewards case is an outstanding way to get your hands free of charge on a Luxury tank.

One of the most regular and trustworthy ways to free Premium tanks in World of Tanks is to take part in the monthly TankRewards case. TankRewards offers in-game missions which can be completed many times.

You earn a TankRewards point every time you complete the mission. You will exchange your TankRewards points for bonuses at the conclusion of an case. As you can see in the picture below, also Level 1 awards a premium tank for free, but at the bottom of the list with the E 25, a tank we wish to put back into the World of Tanks is waiting for the real reward. Win enough points and without costing a penny, you might claim this Luxury tank!

On the Road

The World of Tanks “on target” incidents are just another path to a free Premium tank. On Track is a two-week affair, showcasing tanks and some of the world’s best German tank lines. Any tank line participating in the event On Track provides discounts on all the tanks from level 1 to level 10.

This makes it possible for new players (and some veterans) to buy tanks. There are also missions linked to the On Track case which will help complete all tanks along the line. One such job is to get 25,000 XP from the On Track tanks. You will finish the mission until ten times after completion, when you earn a Premium Light Tank!

Call for codes

Another way to receive a free premium tank is to use an Invite Code in World of Tanks. While this does not extend to players with an account already, it can be fun if you want to include friends in World of Tanks.

Any friend looking to build an account can use an Invite Code to launch a free Premium tank and some other incentives. We have our own Invite Code from Tank War Room, which will network M22 Locust new players and some fun stuff to get them off.

Stream of gifts

This free Premium tank strategy is a little less assured, since it is dependent on chance. Some World of Tanks live streamers give viewers the ability to win premium tanks during broadcasting. During almost every live stream Larryn from TankWarRoom launches Premium tanks, so go to twitch.tv/tankwarroom and find their schedule if you are involved.

However, we’re not just here to drive our own live stream of tomato. Many great streaming streams also offer awards. One such example is Trobsmonkey, whom we saw in one of his broadcasts giving gold. We can’t tell you what, or how many times what he will give, but we can tell you that he’s one of the best live tanks in the world.

There is also the official Twitch Wargaming Site, which doesn’t always have trophies but is a nice place to look when special activities take place. Of course, because of success you can have more competition, but it is still an alternative.

Additional special occasions

Finally, at special occasions, such as the Christmas Event 2016, you can buy premium tanks free in World of Tanks. In this game , players could win Christmas tree ornaments and tank ornaments, and Wargaming awarded players with a free L-60, a Swedish Tier 2 Premium Light tank after finishing the first segment of this event.

Although premium tanks are typically only available by gold or money spending, there are several ways in which Premium tanks can be purchased for free. These approaches also require time and effort, but are perfect for players who want to unlock new tank lines, take part in events and even get active in the group.

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