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fitness center

Be the boss of your own fitness center and battle to the top!

Hire the highest-ranking gym teachers and fighting instructors.

Train the boxers, improve them and improve their skills and battle skills. A protective one? Is this an offensive? Or a mix of the two? You pick! You choose!

Feel the adrenaline surge and taste the action of boxing in Fast Fights, Campaigns and Tournament and Gym vs Gym! Enjoy countless struggles in multiplayer and individual gaming modes!

MMA MANAGER | TOP 1 GLOBAL | PUNCH ELBOW | Revealed | 2Grand belt |


Cheapen first

Will you win all your struggles?

MMA Manager is Swedish leading game studio Prey’s new development game. This strategy and management game invites you to take over a futuristic gym and recruit trainers and warriors to make them triumphant combatants.

It’s not an ordinary combat game. MMA Manager gives you the best forum for exhibiting your time and money management skills. Are you desperate for success?

We have developed this full guide with tips and tricks from MMA Manager for both newcomers and seasoned players.

Now is the time to introduce your martial arts fight and catch the bull with the horns in an attempt to improve your odds of victory.

Cheapen first. Cheapen first. Later upgrade

You don’t have to go out on a limb and choose the most expensive coaches because you just started to play.

Low-level coaches have been designed to support new players. In comparison, they still train significantly quicker than those in the upper stage. Since they run much quicker, they provide the long-term most reliable operation.

It will take some time before you can hit the point where high-level coaches can be bought. Meanwhile, don’t cry over spilled milk. Using the coaches at the lower stage to save money later.

‍Stage by step teaching Training

Here’s the trick for this game’s long-term success. You must improve the preparation and waste any time preparing according to guidance.

When you have foundations for how to play the game, you must prepare rigorously how to play the game. If you can spend a few hours playing this game and track it closely, it may be easier to choose short-term training.

‍If, on the other hand, you can only spare brief breaks of time, you benefit immensely from longer preparation.

When you move on in the game, you will have to spend more time practicing and preparing your fighters for tournaments.


You must note that it is very unlikely that you can develop and build a fighter to defeat each opponent he encounters.

Your key goal is to build a well-balanced warrior with enough worth to turn away any adversaries. When a match starts, the fighters depend on a number of statistics. Your rival will have his collection of facts as well. The one with the highest numbers is the winner.

MMA Manager developed by Prey Studios can be downloaded on both Android and iOS smartphones.

Present the best you can do to the universe!

* Build your own gym and stack with the latest store tools.
* Build your combatants, design them with jeans, t-shirts, tattoos, etc.
* Work on your fundamental skills and combat experience.
* Do you think you can learn the KNOCKOUTS strategy for the game?!
* Enter the ring! Enter the ring! Win the challenges and gain loans, reputation and currency. How far you should fight, there are no limits!
* Pick your theme and make history by leading the board.

Nothing is easier than to beat your enemies and show your talents!

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