New Code & Buffs!!! [AFK Arena Codes That Don’t Expire]


We look at all the AFK Arena Codes, which will give you a lot of free prizes! These codes will send you a boatload of gems, gold, scrolls and a lot more depending on the kindness of the creators.

From these codes you will get quite a bit of currency. Using the gold to update and boost your heroes. Diamond cna can be used at the tavern to buy new heroes or to add new supplies to the market. Scrolls are useful too! The Scrolls will be used to draw characters, which makes you a lot of new champions.

How to join AFK Arena codes

Redemption of AFK Arena codes is an simple operation! Here is a summary of how to do this step by step:

  • Open the game. Open the game.
  • Tap your avatar at the top left of the screen next to your name.
  • Check the Settings option at the bottom of this menu and tap on it.
  • See the Redemption Code button in the Settings Services segment and press on it.



Copy one of our list codes and insert them into the “Enter Redemption Code” box.

Hit the Confirm button, and you need to be rewarded!

These are some of the best tips and secret knowledge, which will be useful for most new players!

The best job in the AFK Arena

Boss Award Trick Arcane Labyrinth

Whenever you beat the boss on each level, you get a chest that holds crystals, a mystical gear or heroes of hero essence.

In fact, you can increase your chest by not gathering your camp’s AFK chest for more than 12 hours, by not performing a regular task and by not gathering quick rewards until you strike the Arcane Labyrinth Leader.

At the time, you are normally offered this trick by 500xhero essence hero essences. There is a slim possibility that there will even be 100/200/500 gem diamonds.

You should invest all your time on them before you play and you have a great deal of work in your teams such as Saveas or Shemira

This trick works well if you have 2 heroes in your squad that are 20-30 higher. Only follow the below steps to get a feel of the trick.

But for the main track, reset to lower the levels of the other heroes to the lowest level the squad has. Here, I lower Belinda ‘s level to 160, which is equivalent to the level of Lyca, Saveas and Rowan.
Dispense all the remaining capital on the key carriage. This is Shemira here. You usually can’t increase 40 more stages with it, but when you get lost in the campaign it’s still nice to do the trick. My Shemira ‘s level here is rising from 180 to 193.
Reset & decrease the team’s support levels to 140:
Stage your tank up to 1 level (lvl. 41, 61, 80, 101, 121, 141, 161, 181, etc). Level up your tank. Before you focus on the supports, you should level the tank to 180. Thinking Belinda is in this case the tank hero.

Reset & lower the support levels Heroes in your squad to 140:
Class up the tank and have 1 ability (lvl. 41, 61, 81, 101, 121, 141, 161, 181, etc.) upgrading. Before operating on the supports, you should ramp up the tank to 180. Thinking Belinda is in this case the tank hero.
Spend the available money on 1 assist to get it at the standard of expertise.

Boost Mercenary Gears

In reality you will upgrade the gears of the mercenaries you rent in the game! This trick works because the hired heroes have just 2 mystical things!

Equip your 10 Heroes with your best gears:
Five heroes you’re using in the Heroes Arena.
Five heroes having the highest ascended number.
If in future you have to use a hero, go to the relevant Hero tab, tap the equipment and then pick Change equipment to replace gears with the aforementioned Heroes. Do not physically detach and add gears.

If after taking the above moves, the gears of the rented heroes will not change:

Delete all the weapons from your heroes
Equip the low tier (blue / gray gears) gears for 1 hero of the above 10 characters.
To see if their gears have changed, search the mercenaries.
Follow from above step 1.

Don’t underestimate this trick! It’s really handy if you rent your mates Heroes!

More Rabatts

The more money you pay, the more offers you get in the market.

If you never spend money on AFK Arena, any time you pass a new landmark you will get a $0.99 deal. This contract is really valuable.
If you’ve invested some money on the game, you’ll have a $24.99 sale of lower value.

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