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In this guide, I will show you how to use your Teleports in Rise Of Kingdoms Hack Gems. In “Rise of the Kingdom”, there is an item called “Teleport” that can help you move the city to wherever you want in the kingdom. Beginner’s Teleport Go to Project → Other, you will see the beginner’s…


In this guide, I will show you how to use your Teleports in Rise Of Kingdoms Hack Gems.

In “Rise of the Kingdom”, there is an item called “Teleport” that can help you move the city to wherever you want in the kingdom.

Beginner’s Teleport

Go to Project → Other, you will see the beginner’s teleport here.

At the beginning of the game, you will get a beginner’s teleport. It only lasts 10 days. You can use it to move the city hall to any place in the kingdom or even to other kingdoms.

Teleport to Alliance territory

After you join the alliance, the alliance always requires you to teleport to the alliance territory.

In order to find your alliance territory, please zoom out the map and you will be able to find a group of blue castles on the map. In addition, if you are in a new kingdom and are currently covered by fog, your alliance territory is not either.

After finding the Alliance territory, you can use the beginner’s teleport or any other teleport you have (other than random teleport removal) to move the city hall there.



You will not be able to send in the following situations:

  • Any structure is too close to the location.
  • There are savages near this place.
  • The place is still covered by fog.

When able to teleport, you will see a green circle on the ground instead of a red circle.

Teleport to another kingdom.

You can also use the beginner’s teleport to teleport to another kingdom.

Governor, you must meet the following requirements to teleport to the new kingdom:

Your city hall must not be higher than level 7.

  • There is a beginner teleport in your bag.
  • All marching queues are free
  • Did not participate in any battles.
  • The city has no reinforcements.
  • The number of characters in the new kingdom after transmission cannot exceed 2.
  • You do not have any alliances.

After teleporting, the game will restart and your town hall will be spawned at a random location in the new kingdom.

How to use other teleports?

There are also 3 teleports in Rise of the Kingdom, and their usage is very similar to the beginner teleport. However, they cannot teleport your city to another kingdom.


In order to successfully teleport within the kingdom, there are the following requirements:

  • You do not have any Commander queues running.
  • You are not fighting any assembled army.

The world map of the rise of the kingdom is the foundation of our civilization, growth and development. In fact, this is everything, which is why we must understand its characteristics and forms at every stage, every structure and the people who live in it.

The main rise of the kingdom map

Our main map is where we were born and settled, commonly known as the “main kingdom”.

The map is divided into 3 areas. The entrance of each area is controlled by time and pass. Each area has different characteristics and characteristics.

For both new and old players, understanding “our residence” is crucial.

Note: With the development of the kingdom, any level of “barbarians”, “resource points” and “barbarian fortresses” can appear in any area, even near each “sacred place”.


Steps are structures in the form of doors that protect the path to the next area. Our kingdom has passes from level 1 to level 3.

These weapons have a period of protection, and although the asset cannot be attacked in subsequent attacks, it will terminate once the Kingdom Scrolls advance.

The pass has units (NPCs) to protect its interior, until they are defeated, they will not allow our buildings and troops to advance.

They can only be attacked by alliances and troops with buildings nearby.

Holy Land: Sanctuary, Altar and Shrine

These sacred buildings are opened every three days so that any alliance adjacent to their territory can attack and occupy them.

Fans of the same type of websites will not overlap. Having two altars of wisdom will not give you +10% research speed, but only +5% research speed.

Found in zone 1

  • Sanctuary of Courage = Commander experience gain + 10%
  • Temple of Wind = Marching Speed ​​+ 5%
  • Sanctuary of Blood = 2% of army health
  • Sanctuary of Hope = Gathering Speed ​​+ 5%


Found in area 1.

  • Temple of Earth = construction speed + 5%
  • Altar of Wisdom = Research Speed ​​+ 5%
  • Altar = resource production + 10%
  • Storm Altar = Training Speed ​​+ 5%
  • Amplification altar = troop defense power + 3%
  • Altar of Flames = Troop Attack Power + 3%


Found in area 2.

  • Temple of Order = Troop defense power + 3% and troop health + 3%
  • Temple of Honor = Allied Attack + 5% and Gathering Speed ​​+ 5%
  • Shrine of Radiance = Action point recovery + 20% and healing speed + 20%
  • War rine = troop attack power + 3% and training speed + 10%

Details and characteristics of our “Lord Kingdom”

When we start each kingdom from the beginning, we have fog/haze everywhere on the map, we have to explore every corner of the map until it reaches 100% before we can discover the wealth of the kingdom, such as “tribal villages” and “mysterious caves” .

There will be many “confederate deposits” of food, wood, stone and gold on our map. Our alliance flag must be built in the territory of these warehouses in order to provide resources for all members of our alliance.

We will provide the alliance with some captureable resource points, which will generate resources for each alliance member according to time:

Each “Holy Land” will help the alliance control the permanent special Buff of all members. You must conquer all the “holy places” on the map so that we can get better returns.

Conquering every pass is essential, which will give us the opportunity to advance and cross the area. But only the alliance that controls these passes can cross it.

Every “resource point” (except gems) collected in the territory of our alliance will increase the resources of the alliance repository, which is essential for researching technology and building the alliance’s own buildings. This work of each member in the rise of the kingdom is crucial.

There are three types of mountain spaces, one is small, one is medium, and one is large. We will find some savage units, such as “Guard Sentinel”, “Savage Arrow” and “Boss” who defeat them for all those in the kingdom.

The Lost Temple

Located in Zone 3 in the center of the map.

“The Lost Temple” is the basic structure of our “Lord Kingdom”. The Alliance will control it. Its leader will be the king. It will provide the Kingdom with a series of benefits and prejudices, use skills, and even give gifts to him if he wants. And manage other tools, such as passing titles to any member.

Map of the Lost Kingdom (KvK)

Once our kingdom reaches its glory with all its conquest criteria, the lost kingdom (KvK) will become our battle map. In this map, we will face the other 7 kingdoms, which are located in the full and absolute advantage of the single structure of “Great Ziggurat” in the middle of the map, which is more difficult due to its barbarians, passes and fortresses. Every reward is worthwhile, no matter how complicated it is, we must make the most of this new map, and we will live in it for about 2 months.

Throughout the map, we will have a new alliance resource available to harvest the “Alliance Crystal Field”, which will allow our alliance deposits to gain +500/h, but it can only be harvested in a systematic way, that is Said that for those who have no members, only they must establish a cross sign in their area. In order to build these flags and fortresses in the “Lost Kingdom”, harvesting this resource is very important.

Detailed information and features of the “Lost Kingdom” map

3 more difficult new passes and the units (NPC) carried in them, pass levels 4, 5 and 6. As “Twilight City” progresses, each pass will leave the protection period. This is a new achievement we have made in “Lost Kingdom”.”
A governor with a city hall level of 16 or higher can teleport to the province of the lost kingdom to his home country,
Maintain alliance resource points. During the period when we enter the “Lost Kingdom”, we will increase resources to other resource points in the “Main Kingdom” through the alliance. This will further increase our resource production, and the same situation will happen to the banner we built. Join And increase the maximum number of members of the alliance.
When these “Twilight City” achievements are achieved, a barbarian fortress will appear. Therefore, to defeat a level 9 or 10 fortress, you must defeat the war and the last conquered zone.
The map is fully discoverable, no need to explore, no “tribal villages” and “mysterious caves” (unless some events can adjust its appearance)
There is also no mountain space, you can find barbarians like “Keep Sentinel”.
If we are in the territory of the alliance, our city will not be attacked, so it is vital to use teleport within the “Lost Kingdom” flag (excluding invalid flags)
Only governors in the Lost Kingdom can participate in the “Lost Kingdom” event series
Ancient ruins and dark altars will become “sacred places”, we will conquer with our alliance members from time to time and stay in them for a short 1 hour and 2 hours in order to accumulate the necessary points in the “Lost Kingdom” They will appear powerful Guardian Wave, we must defeat them for their subsequent captives, some of which will give us random rewards on the ground.

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