Stormfall Saga Of Survival Cheats Ios – Best Way to Get free Saphire! Live Proof! (iOS/Android)

Welcome to Stormfall Saga Of Survival Cheats Ios. Here you are exiled to the land of exile, where you must clean up the world, build your base and face various forms of opponents, including the bloodshots of playing this addictive mobile survival game all night long Gaze. It may take hours to invest in this…

Welcome to Stormfall Saga Of Survival Cheats Ios. Here you are exiled to the land of exile, where you must clean up the world, build your base and face various forms of opponents, including the bloodshots of playing this addictive mobile survival game all night long Gaze.

It may take hours to invest in this virtual world, because it takes time, thoughts and skills to sustain life when exploring various locations, most of which will be marked as too dangerous.

At the beginning, you will want to avoid avoiding any skull positions with more than 2 (hazard levels) when you start playing, but in the end you will discover the necessary risks. When you enter a warning, it is recommended that you return with better weapons and armor, but this is not a necessary condition for successfully plundering treasures. If you don’t want to be confined to the same safe area for several weeks, you need to venture into an unknown area to collect better equipment.

The benefits of robbery

Although there are many ways to collect the four necessities: wood, stone, vegetation, and food, there are fewer opportunities to collect materials that do not automatically refresh or naturally occur.

You only need to use looted boxes and barrels to make some tools, and there are very few in low-risk areas. You may also find tools that are difficult to buy or obtain at current levels. Although collecting materials from stone ridges, pine forests or ordinary forests can provide the basic resources needed for survival, looting is essential to improve your character and foundation.

There are two main types of loot: chests and barrels. Buckets often (not always) provide resources, some of which are rare and can only be found through looting. On the other hand, boxes sometimes contain refined materials such as armor and weapons.

If you want to move faster and make more useful items, you need to get used to sneaking into more dangerous areas to get these gems. The higher the risk, the more valuable the stolen goods.


The following are the loot areas, from lowest difficulty to highest difficulty. This list does not include locations where items need to be entered.


If you are visiting a dangerous area for the first time, these locations are a good starting point. Lootable items can be found inside and outside the house, but beware of traps.

Raiders hideout

Another place that seems to be developed by humans is Raider Hideout. The area is similar to a camp, but with more loot and greater difficulty.

Chief’s stronghold

These weapons usually store powerful weapons, armor and crafting materials. This location is suitable for people who have practiced in the previous location and are ready to deal with more severe challenges.


These dark halls can cause enemies that cause a lot of damage, but this is one of the highest concentrations of loot in the game.

Dark forest

Dark woods usually provide a lot of useful loot and resources, as well as piles of enemies, which will hang their necks when you try to catch them.

Cursed forest

Cursed forests tend to have more trophies than dark forests and have the same degree of danger, but they have fewer timber resources.


Before entering the unknown world, you need to keep some things in mind.

1. List and check twice

Your character cannot carry unlimited materials, and the amount of resources that can only be collected at one time is very limited. Therefore, you should check what you need before setting off and sticking to it. Any extra space you have left can be filled with any other items you find.

2. Organize your chest

When you know what you already own, you will find it much easier to make the said list. Create multiple storable boxes and label them to keep your information organized and easy to find. If you bring back items that have been stored on other useful resources that could have been stolen, you will kick yourself.

3. Bring only the essentials

After determining the demand, store the current inventory. In order to find the treasure, the only materials you should carry are complete health armor, weapons, and a large pile of food to improve your health, hunger and thirst when you are away from home.

All other resources, such as wood and stone, should be left behind. If you are in a pinch and need crafting tools, there are usually many trees and stones in most of these locations, and you can build it anytime, anywhere.

Otherwise, you want to leave enough space in your inventory to store the treasure.

4. Check your health and family

It may seem simple, but it can easily attract your attention. Before leaving, please check your health, hunger and thirst. Make sure your curse is also low to avoid attracting hordes of enemies. In addition, when you are out, please keep the manual desk working normally to manage time effectively.

Survive in an unknown area

1. Stealth

Win the game slowly and steadily. Squat down! This will take you more time to explore, but it will keep you alive.

2. Use your map

What your map shows is beyond the character’s surroundings. Use it to find the enemy, and then find you. The map will show where they are roaming or facing, and show cheats and barrels that are out of your sight.

3. Break in

There are some of the best loot in the house. Break through obstacles and enter the door from a safe distance, but beware of traps, such as crosses may be destroyed.

4. One to one

If there is no other way to avoid the encounter, try to lure the creature to the edge of the map to keep it away from other enemies. In this way, your battle will not attract nearby opponents.

5. Use the land

If you are injured or hungry, use the food on the ground before eating all the cooked food that you carry with you. Cooked food takes time to prepare and can only be used when really needed. Try to use the berries, onions and meat you find along the way to stay healthy. You don’t even have to use the resources brought from the base.

6. Fool you

If you attract too much attention, don’t be afraid to run. Running outside the barriers will not negatively affect you, but insisting on participating in unwinnable battles will most likely result in death. If you are forced to run, remember the root cause of the exit. Cross the route closest to freedom instead of crossing the map and add hordes of enemies that will eventually kill you brutally.

7. Biology 101

You should know and understand the various enemies you may encounter in your adventure. If a creature guards the loot, remember its characteristics before participating in the battle to collect treasure. The following is a list of each type of threat you may encounter in the danger zone.

  • Bonecrusher: He looks scared for a reason. This behemoth enemy will chase you at a huge pace and cause up to 25 points of damage. Unless you are equipped with first-class equipment, avoid his sight.
  • Undead: They are not alone. These annoying opponents will come in groups, and if you can’t beat one person at a time, it may be troublesome. They can cause 10 points of damage and 5 curses for every hit. However, they are usually static, so don’t disturb them unless you look at them.
  • Bear: Compared with other animals in the game, these predators usually have a lot of health and lose more resources. Similar to the undead, they tend to face one direction and move very little.
  • Wolf: In dangerous areas, wolves are a common danger. They meander and twist, so don’t be surprised if someone comes to you. Observe the pattern and keep it in an invisible position. They attack quickly, and there may be backpackers nearby. Be vigilant and run if you attract too much.
  • Spiders: Spiders roam around, so observe their own patterns before sneaking. If they find you, they will shoot venom from a great distance, but you can usually surpass them. But don’t be crowded by them.
  • Frog: The frog will not cause much damage, but it will add a curse to you. They will not move unless they find you.
  • Boar: The first opponent you may know is a boar. They are not too challenging, but they will chase you and cause commotion and attract nearby wildlife.

Start plundering

If you keep these strategies in mind to navigate the loot-filled area and think carefully before taking action, these locations will prove that you are a gold mine of tools and resources that you will not be able to obtain. remember…

  • Plan your trip in advance.
  • Use stealth method
  • Know when to seek safety.

When you enter the stormy wilderness, happy plunder and surviving everything: the legend of survival!

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