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As you access this site, you are agreeable to the Terms and Conditions of Use. You are bound to abide by the rules and regulations of the site. Not agreeing to abide by any of these law will be considered to be trespassing and any usage or access of this site will be prohibited. All trademarks presented on this site has the protection of applicable copyright from their respective owners.

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There is no grant of any transfer of title or use of the materials from thebigcheats.com for commercial use. Visiting the site, you are liable to follow the license that assures no modification or copying of any information or materials present on the site.

They are not meant only for public display, but for transitory viewing in non-commercial purposes only. Removal of the copyright or the proprietary notation of these materials, or even “mirroring” and transferring the materials is also considered to be a trespassing. If any such activity is found, the license will straightaway and automatically terminate the activity. The content present in the website holds only one and sole purpose of education and hence, commercial or public usage is considered to be illegal. The entire content present in the site has been created for the users and specifically for non-profit, educational purposes.

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Every guest post submitted in favour of the site becomes a property of the site and thereafter, you lose any right over the content. The site administrator is liable to use the content in any way and anywhere. “Donating” any content to our site is the risk of the user and there is no procedure to refund the content under any circumstances.

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thebigcheats.com and the suppliers of the content to this site are not liable for any damage caused t the computer of the users, in any form. Whether some kind of business interruption or loss of profit or even loss of data, the authorized representative of the site holds no liability for the damage, whether notified in writing or orally. Implied warranties and limitations are not allowed in some of the jurisdictions and hence, they may not be applicable to the users, even in case of incidental damages.

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There can be errata related to the materials and contents on the site. These errors can be typographical, technical as well as photographical. thebigcheats.com does not claim or guarantees that the contents on the site are complete, accurate or current. If the site finds any discrepancy in the facts and contents on the site, it is liable to change them at any point of time, without any prior notice to the users. However, this change is dependent on the necessity of the company and there is no commitment done on its part for regular updates.

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