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Mini World: Block Art MOD, An Arcade Game For Android Download The New Apk Update. This MOD contains unlimited cubes. Download now! Download Now!

For the second, this sport is available in 14 languages : English, Thai, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Japanese , Korean, Vietnamese, Russian, Turkish, Italian.

Mini World is a free 3D sandboxing sport for the people about their journey, discovery and imagination. No ranges, no restrictions, what we have destroyed and created solely. The easy-to-play built-in multiplayer settings enable you to join anytime via PC and cellphones. Create a castle, castle, fortress and metropolis with your imagination or simply enjoy your fantasy estate. You may also have issues with the people with the Dark-Dragon in the Dungeon.

If you feel uninterested in Survival mode, just jump on another server and play some attractive mini-games. There are various types of mini-games covering parkour, puzzle, FPS, technology. These video games will be nice to strengthen the bond between players in the teamwork or to create a competition between the 2. Finally, the mini-games are all fun.



Mini World is an adventure, discovery and development 3D sandbox game for your fantasy worlds. No grinding or scaling is feasible. No IAP gate that locks free to player functionality. Everyone will enjoy the full functionality of the game with great freedom

Mode of Survival

Collect money, construct survival centers and shelters. Keep up-to – date and finally you’ll have the ability to challenge incredible monsters in the Dungeon, alone or with friends

Mode of creation

All sources are given to players from the outset. By putting or removing blocks, a floating fortress, an automatically harvested mechanism or a map with music can be created. Sky is the boundary

Playing group games

Would you like to play something fast? Hop on a few fun mini-games my players made. The mini games featured are field checked maps that our hardcore fans choose by hand. Mini games are available in various genres: parkour, puzzle, FPS or tactics. They’re fun and a decent way to make friends online.

Mini World is an expression with no real conclusion. You can pick from and from more than 1000 sports pieces for a whole bunch of obtainable blocks to specify yourself in an environment that is entirely manipulable with the concept of placing and eradicating blocks.

Main Choices:

1 Big Sandbox Universe – explore an explosive universe of sandboxing and discovering a whole bunch of distinctive, charming creatures, bricks, supplies and mines.
2 Distinctive sports – Distinctive sports motor with cute style characteristics
Four single players and multiplayer – head straight into a good game of friendship with a sweet fireplace enabled or launch a whole new environment by yourself. Trade the sport with different teams or be part of multiple teams from all over the world.
5 List – you can add or get works from the Collection, look at the warmest MOD map, the sports map or other works.
6 Sports mode – Survival mode, Build mode or mini video games created by various players, which can be attracted to anywhere in the world at any moment.
7 Highly powerful game-editor-There are various types of mini-games covering parkour, puzzles, FPS, strategies and so on …

Telephone permits are necessary to perform the sport or may not start.

Computer identity and name, smartphone information – to set up your accounts and log-in data
Details on WiFi connection———To link sports through WiFi or hotspot
Photographs / media / cord data————————In addition to sports thumbnails, save several and remove maps
Storage — — — — — — — — Save and remove maps

Recording — — — — — — — — — — The permit to speak in the sport is needed.

What are new?

1.Area duplication for survival required
2.Preview duplicate field
3.Effects of recording functions, camera permission needed
4.Join fast multiplayer room with friends
5.Blacklist: users in the Blacklist can not enter your room by adding blacklist.
6.Playmate: Recent multiplayer playmates
7.Share: Mount, skin, avatar map sharing feature. Share with game and social media friends
8.Avatar, skin, frame, New Christmas DIY
9.Max 300 inventory pieces
10.Chances of music for Christmas on maps

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