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By downloading the MOD APK version (Unlimited Dash Skills) version of the MOBA game Zooba, surf as fast as the wind and make the most of it. Currently, MOBA and Battle Royale are two popular types on Google Play and App Store. In particular, players all over the world are waiting for the launch of…


By downloading the MOD APK version (Unlimited Dash Skills) version of the MOBA game Zooba, surf as fast as the wind and make the most of it.

Currently, MOBA and Battle Royale are two popular types on Google Play and App Store. In particular, players all over the world are waiting for the launch of LOL Mobile, which is a new breakthrough in “League of Legends” and very attractive. So, have you considered combining these two categories? While waiting for the release of the League of Legends mobile phone, I will introduce you to a similarly interesting game, Zooba.

Zooba (short for Zoo Battle Arena) is a turning point in today’s modern games. Through the perfect combination of MOBA and survival genre, Zooba takes you into an exciting animal world through survival battle to find out who is the king of the zoo.




Many people refer to Zooba as the zoo version of PUBG Mobile. Because in the game, you can choose many characters. They are all funny animals, and you will usually see them in zoos or animal world TV series. Each character has its own weaknesses and strengths. In the first battle, there is 1 out of 3 animals to choose from. This number will increase. You can choose according to your preferences and strategies. For example, Bruce is a powerful gorilla, while Larry Chameleon has an offensive sneaking talent…

When you reach a higher level and get more coins, you can unlock more characters. Therefore, from the beginning, all you need to do is to master the power of the available characters and learn how to fight on the battlefield. Choosing the right game method for each game will help you master the battlefield. Become the true king in the jungle.

Zoo battlefield

Just like PUBG or Fornite, the battles in Zooba are fierce arenas. First, you and 19 other players are grouped into PvP matches without any weapons. Search everywhere quickly to find weapons and new skills. You can pick up up to 3 weapons and 1 basic skill to prepare to face the enemy. Just like the MOBA game, these skills will have a cooldown and require you to use them flexibly.

In addition to proficient use of this skill, please note that the enemy may be anywhere, if you lose protection, you will be defeated. Therefore, in each game, you must be highly focused. One thing that is obvious in any survival game is that it is a safe zone, and if you do not enter the safe zone in time, it will slow you to death. Therefore, finding a position in the safe area can make you safe in the final round of the game and get first place. In fact, the possibility of survival depends on your skills and luck. You may be in an area with many weapons and few enemies.

Collect items

In each battle, many weapons and objects are scattered on the battlefield. If you are lucky, you will find a good device soon. Weapons are an important factor in determining victory in face-to-face combat. Therefore, with good equipment, you can achieve more than 50% victory.

If you find it difficult to collect equipment, then the good advice for you is to kill the enemy. Because, every time you defeat an enemy, you will get trophies from them as a “tribute.” More specifically, at some point, the airdrop seems to contain the most advanced equipment. This place attracts the most players and inadvertently drags them into the fierce competition. Therefore, if you don’t want to die in an accidental battle, don’t care too much about items when you have enough equipment.

PvP Arena

In addition to fighting with many players in fierce survival battles, you can also play with your friends in fun PvP battles. The game has two modes, solo and duo. In the duet mode, you can play with your friends and survive the fierce battle together. Win and improve your ranking in the global rankings.


Zooba has eye-catching 3D graphics, various backgrounds and colorful designs, such as volcanoes, deserts or ice ages… The diverse environment can help you avoid boredom. More specifically, in addition to the special skill effects of each character, the characters are cute, but equally cool. This prevents you from ignoring any characters.

MOD APK version of Zooba

MOD function

After understanding the player’s difficulty, the APKMODY team successfully modified the “unlimited sprint skills” function.

This MOD feature allows you to use Sprint skills without waiting for the cooldown.

Download Zooba MOD APK For Android

Zooba is a unique combination of two types of Battle Royale and MOBA. With fascinating gameplay, fast-paced but still with many tactics, this game allows you to play for hours without getting bored. The cute and interesting character design makes the game suitable for all audiences, including children. Are you ready to find the king of the zoo?

App review

Zooba Mod APK is an excellent application that provides players with a variety of weapons and interesting playable characters. The level of the game ranges from medium to difficult, which makes players feel excited.

The app’s graphics, stage levels, character design, coins, gems, and the company’s constant upgrades make this game an advanced choice in the shooting game category.

Customer Feedback

SMITHA MUKUND; ‘this is a great game. The only problem in this game is that sometimes it will be… But you only need to refresh it to continue playing. I hope that in the next update, the crates should start to unlock automatically, there should be trees on the ground (as shown in the picture), and character transactions should be conducted. Please do these things. …. Then this game may be the best game, or at least the better game

Final verdict

Zooba Mod APK provides many advanced features for shooting game lovers by unlocking all paid and advanced features (such as unlimited coins, stage unlocking, character unlocking, weapon upgrades and customizing the battlefield as needed).

This application can be easily used on various websites, just search for the application on the Google search engine to simply download the application.

Happy shooting

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