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Kefir! Studio

Frostborn: Coop Survival is a simulator of survival generated by an entire genre of authors: Kefir! Studio. Studio. For their thematic ventures, where the principal character must live in a vicious and dangerous setting, the writers earn acclaim. Developers also introduced a full-fledged online game this time, making the game more of an MMO.

Here you can unite and live together with other players as well as battle other clans, declaring war on them. Create your own unique personality, equip it, learn different powerful spells and head out on the warpath, where only the strongest can survive.



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Arrange your own foundation, harness the strength of the gods and fight with your friends against the army of the dead. By building a new capital from scratch, return the former glory to the Viking lands and go to uncharted shores for riches and fresh battles and create your own Viking Empire. All of this and more awaits you in Frostborn, the latest online survival RPG!

It plunged the world into darkness.

The dead roam in the wilds of Midgard in broad daylight. Valkyries no longer take the fallen in battle to Valhalla, the water from the rivers burns your throat, and something dark is hidden in the shadows of forests and gorges. For all this, the goddess Hel is responsible. In just 15 days, she cursed these lands with her black magic, and now she wants the kingdom of the living to be enslaved!

Death doesn’t happen anymore.

You are the eternal, courageous Jarl of the Northern Warriors, facing death no more. Healers and shamans shrug their shoulders, and they don’t know why this is going on. But since the way to Valhalla is blocked, there is only one thing left to do – arm yourself and send back to Helheim the creatures of darkness!

No person is an island.

Frostborn is an MMORPG part co-op survival game: team up with other Vikings to create a strong foundation, confront the creatures that hide in the shadows and in the shrines of the gods and battle other players in various locations and dungeons during raids and random encounters.

Berserk, mage or assassin – it’s your pick.

Choose from over a dozen classes in the RPG-style that fit you best. Do you want heavy armor and fighting face-to-face? Choose between Berserk, Thrasher or Defender! Do you prefer keeping your distance and firing arrows from afar at enemies? Pathfinder, Hunter or Sharpshooter at your service! Or are you one of the ones hiding in the shadows and stabbing your back? Get a bandit try,
Robber or Rapist! And there’s something there!

Win at all expenses.

Trade or ambush other players and assassinate them in the Midgard Wilds. Make peace with another family and protect each other during the raid or, in return for money, betray their faith and expose their secrets to others. There is no longer an old order, and now these are wild lands where the strongest live.

For Valhalla, plow your way.

To get everything you need to defeat the darkness created by the black magic of the goddess Hel, use the crafting framework inherent in real MMORPGs. Strong walls and tasty food, magic remedies and dangerous traps, powerful weapons and legendary armor. And if that’s not enough, create a drakkar of your own to raid the overseas kingdoms!

Construct a city of your own.

Strong walls, spacious houses and artisan shops – and this is not all that needs to be restored and enhanced to open the city’s gates to tourists. But be ready for a long journey – in 15 days, a good city can not be built. Cooperate with other Vikings and the city’s inhabitants to fight for a place in the sun in a world governed by black magic.

There is no subterranean illumination.

Go down to the ancient sanctuaries of the gods – dungeons in the best MMORPG rituals, battle the dead and monsters that fear daylight, get legendary artifacts and find out why the gods have left this world.

Testing Mod.

We confirm the correct operation of the mod for quick crafting of items on the basis of the test results. Take the mod update and enjoy the lightweight gameplay. We should remember, however, that not every version of the game has changed choices. Please follow the updates if you encounter problems.

Frostborn: Coop Survival starts to resemble an MMO shortly after the start of your adventure. You get assignment after assignment and upgrade your character. By the way, for the simplest actions, the level increases: deforestation and resource acquisition, construction of houses, wars. All this brings out points of experience. The higher your level, the more the game opens up opportunities.

You need to raise the level of your district in the city in addition to the character’s level. This is Frostborn: the latest addition to the online portion of Coop Survival. Here, every player has their own area where other users can come in. You need to build it first. Only go to the starting place already familiar and gather resources there.

Later, gathered resources can be found in a wagon near the camp. The game itself shapes the list of things you need. All you need to do is locate and bring them. You need simple stones and logs at first, but soon you have to begin processing materials, carrying ingots and boards of metal. All this boosts your region and gives extra revenue.

Our Summary.

Frostborn: Coop Survival, with MMORPG elements, is an interesting survival simulator. Here, whether alone and in the company of friends or just casual players, you can find activities for yourself.

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